Sunday, June 7, 2009

Save Money!

I've decided to start this blog to help other's learn what I've learned about saving money on groceries. I've been doing Grocery Smarts and Pinching Your Pennies and I love it! My food storage is doing awesome and we always have yummy stuff in the house to eat and I usually get name brand stuff for pennies or FREE! Last week I went to Albertson's and spent $67.00 and saved $151.00! Crazy huh?! So, if you would like to save that much money and build your food storage at the same time then just follow my blog and I'll show you how. I'll be posting my grocery lists every week and tell you about all the other fun things that I've been doing to save money. Also, I'm going to start teaching Grocery Smarts classes. So if you'd like to host a class, let me know. I can now get super good deals on newspaper packages so that people can get the coupons like I do for a killer deal. You can get each paper for as low as .88 a piece! So, stay tuned. I'm going to have some tutorials on how to use the websites I use as well.

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