Monday, July 13, 2009

New Site!

I have made a new coupon site with a better name.:) I thought it sounded more catchy and easier to remember. So PLEASE follow my new blog. There will be a lot more posts daily and lots of info on saving moolah! Also, I will be scheduling some Grocery Smarts classes and some Newbie Shops. So if you are interested in hosting a class or would like to go shopping with me, let me know! Thanks guys!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Still No Doublers!

I guess teh Standaard Examiner is the only paper in Utah that didn't get doublers this week. We are supposed to be getting two of them in this weeks ad though. So look at your ads. They usually come out on Tues. I'll post my list for what I'm getting on Wednesday. Hopefully we'll have a good sale this time. I'm tired of not being about to stock up! Also, don't forget to sign up for on Tuesday. And there was a great deal at Tai Pan that I found. They have big canvas bins, buy one get one free. They were 3.97 and then the buy one get one free. I bought a bunchfor my food storage. I also thought that they would come in handy for shoes or hats and gloves.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

No Doublers!

Darn! There will be no doublers in tomorrow's paper! I was waiting to use them for last weeks sale. But there really wasn't anything worth going for. So I think that I'll wait and go Wednesday. That is what is so great about food storage! I don't NEED to go to the store! :) Watch your ads that come in the mail on Tues. though. There should be three doublers on the Albertsons ad that you can use with next week's deals. I'll keep you posted!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shop at Albertsons - Buy Gas at Albertsons

When you shop at Albertsons, you get gas rewards. They take money off the price per gallon. Like right now, because of the stuff I bought, I will get .35 off a gallon! Which is awesome because gas is going up again. So, wait until you get down to empty, use all all your Qs at Albertsons, and fill up with your gas rewards. Not a bad deal. Just make sure that you swipe your prefered card at the pump and then they will ask you if you want to use your rewards. They do clear them after 90 days if you havent used them, so make sure they get used!

New Doublers

Yay! More doublers at Albertsons! There was an insert in this week's Sunday paper from Albertsons that has 3 double coupons on it. What they will do is take your coupon and double it up to a dollar with the insert.

So here is my list:

  • Charmin Toilet Paper- no double PG 6/7 = 9.74 -bought 1
  • Kens Salad Dressing- double SS 5/3 = Free -bought 2
  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner- double SS 6/7= 1.00- bought 2
  • All Liquid Detergent- double RP 5/10 = 2.01- bought 4
  • Burt's Bees Lip Balm 2 Pack - double RP 6/7 = 2.59- bought 1

I spent $24.48 and saved $57.22. Not too bad! Doublers expire Tues, so make sure you use them!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

General Mills Promo

I went to Albertsons this morning and did the General Mills Promo that started today. You have to buy $25.00 worth of GM products and you get $10.00 back to use on your next shopping order. So I broke my order up into $25.00 transactions. Here is my list with the number of items I bought as well. You add up the original price to get your $25.00 worth.

First Transaction 26.50
  • All small and mighty 3x 32 oz detergent (orig 4.50) IP = 1.70 - bought 2
  • Bertolli pasta sauce 13.5-24oz (orig 2.00) U 4/5 = .25 - bought 5
  • Best Foods Mayo 22-30 oz (orig 2.50) - bought 3

Second Transaction 26.00

  • Breyers Ice Cream 1.5qt (orig 3.00) RP 5/17= .80 - bought 2
  • Chex Mix (orig1.50) SS 6/7 = .65 - bought 3
  • Betty Crocker Gushers (orig 2.50) = unknown - bought 3
  • GM cereal (orig 2.00) IP =70 - bought 4

Third Transaction 25.50

  • GM cereal (orig 2.00) IP = .70 - bought 6
  • Minute Maid Premium OJ (orig 3.00) no Q = 1.80- bought 2
  • Wishbone Salad Dressing 16oz or Bountifuls 9.5oz (orig 1.50) RP 5/17 = .15- bought 5

Fourth Transaction 27.50

  • Wishbone spritzer 7oz (orig1.50) RP 5/17 = FREE- bought 5
  • Yoplait Go Gurt 8ct (orig 2.50) IP = 1.13 -bought 2
  • Yoplait Go Gurt 8ct (orig 2.50) IP = 1.10 - bought 5
  • Yoplait Kids multipack yogurt (orig 2.50) =1.10 - bought 2

Fifth Transaction - these were not on the promo, I jst bought these because I needed them and had Qs

  • Bar S Hot Dogs (orig .88) IP and ad Q = .38 - bought 4
  • Wacky Mac ( orig 1.25) IP = .14 bought 2

I spent $56.11 and saved $152.03 plus I still have a $10.00 catalina to use on my next order. (A catalina is a coupon that comes out of a catalina machine at the register)

So I think I had a great trip! Good luck on yours!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Produce Co-op

Tomorrow you can go to and sign up for a produce co-op. I've done it three times now and I love it! We get the freshest produce and my family is eating healthier too! The way it works is that the more people that do it, the lower the cost of buying in bulk. We get the produce before it hits the grocery stores. You pay a one time only membership donation of $3.00 and then it is just $15.00 and you get $50.00- $60.00 worth of produce. You bring a laundry basket and they give you two heaping smaller baskets to fill up your own basket with. There are tons of pick up places. The ones in Arizona are at the top of the list so scroll to the bottom and look for a location near you. And they are adding new ones all the time. Mine is at Kiwanis Park in Clearfield ( right behind America First on Main). My pickup time is at 7am on Saturday. It is done only every other week, so I don't have to get up early every Saturday, thank goodness! And you have to be on time. They are there only about twenty minutes. So if you miss it they will just donate it to the city fire department. Oh, and you only have a short window to sign up online. It starts Tuesday and ends Wenesday at 10pm.

Albertson's Doubles

Yay! We got Albertson's double coupons in Sunday's paper. They are good until tomorrow. So, this is what I got.

  • Skintimate shave gel (orig. 1.50)- use SS 4/26 and double= FREE

  • Crystal Light Drink Mix 10-12 qt canister (orig 3.34) use printable at Group A plus double = FREE

  • Kraft Bagelfuls (orig.2.50) use printable PYP on Coupon List plus double = FREE

  • Kraft Shredded or chunk cheese 6-8oz.(orig 2.00)- use printable at Group A and double = .40

  • Oscar Mayer Weiners 16 oz- (orig 2.00) use SS5/10 and double =.40

  • Planters Big Nut bars- multipack (orig 2.50) use SS4/19 plus double = .25

Plus I bought a couple of other things as well, but not with the doubles. So I spent $16.78 and saved $88.84! Awesome! I bought several of each item. I get 5 papers every Sunday so that I get 5 of every coupon and then I can buy 5 items when they are cheapest and then I won't have to buy that item again until it is on sale.

Ok, so you are probably wondering what SS means and where to get the printables. SS stands for Smart Source. This is the name of the coupons that they came in in the paper. There is also PG, for Proctor and Gamble and RP for Red Plum and U for Unilever. I hope that helps. Also, there are tons of printable coupon links at Go to Coupon List at the top of the site, put in Utah and then you will be able to find every coupon by Alphabetical order and where it is located. Even the link to it if it is a printable. Oh, also Group A is a bunch of printable coupons on Well, happy shopping!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Save Money!

I've decided to start this blog to help other's learn what I've learned about saving money on groceries. I've been doing Grocery Smarts and Pinching Your Pennies and I love it! My food storage is doing awesome and we always have yummy stuff in the house to eat and I usually get name brand stuff for pennies or FREE! Last week I went to Albertson's and spent $67.00 and saved $151.00! Crazy huh?! So, if you would like to save that much money and build your food storage at the same time then just follow my blog and I'll show you how. I'll be posting my grocery lists every week and tell you about all the other fun things that I've been doing to save money. Also, I'm going to start teaching Grocery Smarts classes. So if you'd like to host a class, let me know. I can now get super good deals on newspaper packages so that people can get the coupons like I do for a killer deal. You can get each paper for as low as .88 a piece! So, stay tuned. I'm going to have some tutorials on how to use the websites I use as well.